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A well designed Access Control System provides the means of controlling and monitoring persons, vehicles, or materials through entrances and exits of a protected area. This system will allow you to decide who goes where in your building and at what times, allowing entry to only those individuals with your authorization. The Access Control System may be used after business hours, only in sensitive areas, or all the time, everywhere.

Access Control

  • Expandable System Design
  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Photo Imaging & Badging
  • Video Verification
  • Customizable User Database
  • Visitor Management & Registration
  • Flexible Report Design
  • Access Rules & Schedule Flexibility
  • Graphic Interface for Lock Control
  • Multiple Access Groups & Profiles

These systems combine electronic and electromechanical hardware along with today's computer technology to perform basic lock and key functions and to establish and control specific access privileges for each person and each door within the facility. Techmark Corporation's innovative design team can customize an Access Control System to meet your needs giving consideration to traffic flow, work schedules, services, employee's needs, and future expansion.

Access Control Products Offered

Galaxy Control Systems


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