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In today’s society, with terrorism, vandalism and violent crime at epidemic proportions, we at Techmark Corporation feel that security is not just an option any longer; it’s a necessity. You have a responsibility to protect employees and provide a safe and secure work environment for them. Additionally, you have a responsibility to protect your customers or residents while on your premises.


Video systems vary widely in application and operation. Techmark Corporation specializes in the installation and maintenance of video systems designed to meet the specific needs of our commercial clients. A video system is one of the most effective tools to assist with loss prevention and asset management. A well designed system can record, photograph, tape and otherwise document events occurring at any moment.

  • IP Video Surveillance Software
  • Cameras “Attached” to Existing Network
  • Feature-rich Camera Control & Management
  • Open Architecture & Scalability
  • Incorporate your Existing Cameras
  • Video Content Analysis
  • Integrate with Access Control System
  • Recording & Storage Flexibility
  • Remote Video Access Including PDA
  • Live Viewing & Recording of Unlimited Cameras

Our understanding of network based digital systems and software solutions will enable us to provide you with a video system tailored to your specific needs. As partners of industry leading manufacturers, Techmark Corporation has been trained to design, install and service these comprehensive networked digital systems.

These systems can be designed to appeal to a broad range of applications including retail, manufacturing, industrial facilities and small commercial offices. Our systems can also be designed to integrate with security systems and access control systems to provide increased security and protection.

Video Partners

Avigilon       EagleEye       OnSSI       Sony


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